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About Charles Wilke

Charles Wilke is a veteran of content writing and media production. His professional career spans 19 years creating compelling work across the following industries:

  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Advertising
  • Digital Guidance
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Video Game Development
  • Independent Media Production

He’s led teams of writers and spent many years producing content for short films and video games, as well as disruptive marketing campaigns.

Contact him with any inquiries.

Regarding Tone & Target Audiences

As you browse through the years upon years of content presented in this portfolio, it may help to reference this simple breakdown of each category’s tone and target audiences:

  • For inbound B2B content, refer to Field Services.
  • For B2C science and tech news and opinion, check out Science & Technology.
  • The deep dives on the struggles gripping our society are all hiding in Social Impact.
  • For musings on home living, lifestyle and dating, be sure to pop over to Home Living & Lifestyle.
  • For a revealing look at Charles’ neurodivergent self-discovery and how he sees the world, visit Improbology.
  • And finally, for video productions featuring Charles and his hilarious Groundlings friends, swing by Absurd Alchemy!