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Now Boarding – Life Near an Airport is for the Birds

On a clear day in parts of Los Angeles, you can see a string of commercial airliners queuing up to land at LAX. From a distance, this conga line of four or five planes silently hangs as if stationary on the horizon slowly curving towards the ground.

But if you’re in El Segundo, much closer to LAX, a plane approaching to land every two minutes becomes an unnervingly persistent disruption.

Living near an airport, under the landing pattern of jumbo jets, requires a certain amount of Zen to ignore. But noise isn’t the only detriment to finding peace in your home near an airport. Planes release toxins in the air; and with hundreds taking off and landing each day from major airports, living near a busy travel hub can take its toll on your health.

Hooking Up at Coachella

Ah Coachella. Where The Flaming Lips can describe both the band on stage and the blistered labia scattered throughout the crowd. Over the next two weekends, the 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival descends on a sleepy community in the middle of nowhere.

This dusty expanse of nothingness becomes the throbbing epicenter of hipster idol worship for two weekends each year. With all these like-minded, fashionable youths swarming like locusts with bare midriffs and culturally insensitive Native American headdresses, it’s hard not to think about hooking up. Well, hooking up and where to find water that’s not $5 a bottle.

Yes, steamy sex and heat exhaustion are often not far from the hipster’s mind as they slog through the world’s longest line of bumper-to-bumper traffic approaching the tragically underdeveloped, yet charmingly beautiful, Coachella Valley.

Frank Lloyd Wright – Architect Spotlight

His stylistic command of wood, steel and concrete make him an architectural legend. His restrained minimalism remains unmistakable among his peers. Each of his 1,100 designs are as unique as a fingerprint, and a clear reflection of their creator, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Born in 1867 to William Carey Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones in the sleepy farming community of Richland Center, Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright entered a world in transition. During the throes of western expansion, and two short years after the conclusion of the Civil War, Wright was born decades before Chicago-architect Louis Sullivan would create the modern skyscraper.