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Category: Improbology

Favorite Improbology Posts of 2018

Find Your Edges

A critical look at employment in the age of rampant automation.

When AI advancements might make all human interactions with computers redundant, and how that may lead to a wave of white-collar jobs becoming unnecessary.

I’m a Hurt-aholic

A deeply personal piece outlining my experience with pain, disappointment and abuse – both externally and internally.

This is the foundational cornerstone in developing my understanding of my own neurodivergence.

There’s a Reason Cable Companies Suck

After two years of intermittent internet outages, and atrocious customer service, I was forced down the cable-industry rabbit hole.

What I learned needs to be shared. Turns out there’s actually a reason those giant cable companies suck!

Meat Bag Confronts Screen, More at 11

There’s something heartbreaking about watching a loved one seek satiation as they self-consciously scroll through an algorithm’s feed.

Mister Paul’s Blame Pudding

U.S. Senator Rand Paul got attacked by his neighbor while mowing his lawn. The sitting Senator suffered five broken ribs in the attack.

I dissect the event, and the events preceding it, to reveal who is really at fault in this unfortunate feud.

Fortnite’s Life Lessons

Finally, a light-hearted look at something!

I deconstruct the gameplay loop within Fornite’s battle royale. I find striking similarities to an entire lifetime stuffed into those brief 22-minute games.